Monday, November 29, 2010

Around Notre Dame

Here is my little squirrel neighbour. Since this photo was taken, we have had a few inches of snow. However, this little guy is still active and I saw him perched on the fence earlier today.

From Notre Dame I

The weather was turning cool, so I made use of the hat I received from

From Notre Dame I

The Main Building supports the Golden Dome, an icon of Notre Dame. That is Jenny on the stairs.

From Notre Dame I

And here is the interior of The Dome.

From Notre Dame I

Another iconic building is the Basilica.

From Notre Dame I

We took a tour of the Basilica. I haven't been to a service here yet but figure that I might give it a shot at some stage. When in Rome...

From Notre Dame I

Jenny and I walked back past the soccer fields to my apartment, marked by a telephone tower. It is a convenient navigational tool and a reminder of man's ability to transmit and receive radio waves for the purpose of communication.

From Notre Dame I

My next post should have some photos of Notre Dame under snow! (I will try to get out for a shoot this week.)


Scarykrill said...

The campus is amazing! Does a lot of maney come from student fees, alumni contributions or the government?

What are your research goals

Alcifer said...

Yeah, she's a good looking campus and a stark contrast with the surrounding town. Student fees here are high (~50k/yr, I think) but there are lots of scholarships. Notre Dame has the 14th largest educational endowment in the USA. The value of the endowment is over 5.5 billion USD.

At work, I am developing new reactions, mediated by titanocene, that harness the aldehydes as dielectrophilic moieties. Also, I am looking to squeeze in the development of some new enantioselective ether-forming methods and a brief alkaloid total synth. It's keeping me busy!