Monday, December 13, 2010

Snow on Notre Dame, IN

It's snowing now, at Notre Dame. Monika took this photo of me on the steps of the La Fortune building. Behind me is the Basilica and the Main building. I am so glad for my down jacket and wool-lined boots. Even at -10 °C and in the snow, it is comfortable out. In fact, as my apartment is well-insulated, I am warmer now that I was at the Fox!

From 2010-12-07

I really enjoy the snow and hope that my fascination lasts. Lots of people, to whom snow is a familiar annual hindrance, don't share my enthusiasm for big winter snow storms.*

From 2010-12-07

*Except for when I need to fly, such as to New Hampshire at Christmas.


Scarykrill said...

Canberra has finally stopped storming, now its bright and sunny and great motorbiking weather

Anonymous said...

G'Day Mate,
From what I am reading you would be close to having a snow day or two. I bet you would enjoy getting one of those!