Monday, March 26, 2007

Weird Al @ Canberra Theatre

Jen and I caught Weird Al at the Canberra Theatre on Saturday night. Amish Paradise was performed, the fat suit was out, Nirvana was played... and the Segway even made an appearance!

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

What's missing?

Expermental brew 52:

1.7 kg of CSR Treacle (Molasses)
300 g of White Wings "Corn" Cornflour
1 x Morgans Hallertau Finishing Hops
10 mL of Licorice Extract

This experimental and tasty - yes, of course I tasted it - brew was made up to 12 L. Original gravity is 1.050 g/mL. Visible in the background is brew 51; that honey/wheat beer is complete and awaits bottling.

Welcome aboard, Rimsy, from Jenny and I - to the Circle of Canberra Homebrewers. You are on to brew 3 now? Ah, the memories..

Monday, March 19, 2007

St. Patrick's Day @ O'Neil's

St. Patrick's Day was hosted at St. O'Neil's in Dickson on Saturday afternoon. It is quite a difference to be there during the day, rather than late on a Thursday for our cheap drinks night. For a start, it's much brighter..

I embraced face-painting and look forward to joining the Blue Man group soon enough.

Trusting souls let me loose with the brush on them, too.

And then, there's the Irish Boonie gremlin I was so scared of in my child-hood.

Me lucky charms!

Scotty, you were made to be Irish!

Girls in green.

St. Pat's day was and always will be, of course, my little bro - Marky's - birthday. I know that you had a lot of your mates over to that little slice of paradise in Bathurst, so no doubt you had an awesome time. Best wishes from us here in Canberra! And Katie Starr, for Sunday, happy 25th too.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Quarter of a Ton

Thanks for the birthday wishes guys, that have already come in! I am, of course, 25 at 10:17am today.

Monday, March 12, 2007

Diving at Tathra

Tathra beach as viewed from near the wharf. We dived to the east of the wharf and were startled by a few massive rays that were patrolling.

The hardest part of diving is lugging the gear down to the water and back again. The actual diving is fun and easy!

On Sunday morning, we dived from the Killaleau bay and were greeted by even more massive rays!

Then we packed up and made our way back to Canberra.

Best Wishes, Coop and Dani

Best wishes for your marriage to Dani this month, Coop! (This photo was taken in early 2002 in Canberra.)

On the Road

I brought the GS500 back down to a canter travelling through Crookwell on the way to Bathurst last week because there were a lot of cattle out grazing on the long paddock.

This little blue-tongued lizard wasn't grazing, just sunning himself. I gave him a little encouragement to get off the road, but he didn't take it very well.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Peel Street Lads

Experimenting with domesticity, the lads make their weekly shopping trip and I have the pleasure of joining them as part of my visit early this week.

It was back to the comfortable new residence for a few brews and a barbie.

Aside from being introduced to the song "Toast", amongst other Bathurst fashions, I competed on Buck-hunt at the famouse Ox Hotel. Lee, for now, is the gun.

Marko runs a close second. I will put in some practice at Mooseheads on the Buck while I still can't get in to to work at my hail-damaged building and try to give the Bathurst lads more of a run for their money next time.

Marko and I took the GS500 for a run around Mount Panorama on Tuesday afternoon.

I may be just a tad over the posted speed limit of 60 kmph..?

In the past, I may not have given Bathurst the credit it deserves and would say now that Marko and Lee are living in a little slice of paradise over there. As such, I will be back again soon and will also be trying to improve my lap times at The Mountain. Marko poses below in front of the turn-off to the pits at the northern end of the track.

Spending a bit of time on the campus over Monday and Tuesday impressed upon me how beautiful the location is - with its rolling green ovals, and the people here are really friendly. Marko and Lee - you guys have made and awesome choice. Thanks again for the hospitality, cheers!