Monday, March 19, 2007

St. Patrick's Day @ O'Neil's

St. Patrick's Day was hosted at St. O'Neil's in Dickson on Saturday afternoon. It is quite a difference to be there during the day, rather than late on a Thursday for our cheap drinks night. For a start, it's much brighter..

I embraced face-painting and look forward to joining the Blue Man group soon enough.

Trusting souls let me loose with the brush on them, too.

And then, there's the Irish Boonie gremlin I was so scared of in my child-hood.

Me lucky charms!

Scotty, you were made to be Irish!

Girls in green.

St. Pat's day was and always will be, of course, my little bro - Marky's - birthday. I know that you had a lot of your mates over to that little slice of paradise in Bathurst, so no doubt you had an awesome time. Best wishes from us here in Canberra! And Katie Starr, for Sunday, happy 25th too.

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