Thursday, March 15, 2007

Quarter of a Ton

Thanks for the birthday wishes guys, that have already come in! I am, of course, 25 at 10:17am today.


Mel said...

Happy Birthday!!
Have a great day!! Hopefully see you over Easter.

Louis said...

Happy birthday... make sure you put down an extra brew for me while your at it.

Jenny said...

Happy birthday.

Looking forward to celebratory O'Neils drinks tonight for this very special occasion.


Anonymous said...

happy birthday

have a few drinks for me.


Pia said...

no need to have a few drinks for me i just had them myslef. i quit my job this week and am moving to Port Hedland. i am leaving Perth in 4 weeks, i think i jusyt had about 4 bottles of champers for you. cheers pinkers and hi Jen hope your both well,

lots of love


Anonymous said...

Hey Pinko, Happy Birthday from Travis and I, almost over the hill