Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Emily Miller Beach

Here's a tip: Emily Miller beach in the Murramarang National Park. Jenny and I visited the beach to do some snorkelling and spearfishing. (Thankfully we have wetsuits!). I speared a red morwong that was THIS big, but after a brief struggle, it escaped. 'Til next time, fish!

Motorcycle Learner

Thanks Mal for the loaner of the "Fat Hog". The beauty about riding a postie is that even 50 km/h feels like a blistering pace.

I did get my learner's permit back in 1999, but it has expired in the meantime. I had a few stacks back then - always yanking on the front brack at the slightest sign of danger. Oh, but it will be all different this time around... I will be so careful.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Mount Dromedary

Next to the quaint village of Tilba lies mount Dromedary. Les, Jenny and I ascended the 900 metre mountain on Monday morning.

The mountain is clothed mainly in cool rainforest. Bright spring days are marvellous for bush-walking. Am I right, Kevo?

We paused at the top for a light lunch before trekking back down to Tilba Tilba. Tuesday was gorgeous as well, but then it was time to return to Canberra. The days are wonderful - so bright and so warm at this time of year it is hard to stay inside at all!

Down at the Coast

With snorkelling out of the question, I tried my hand at fishing. Like I said, I think that the weather had driven the fish in to seclusion so we didn't catch anything more than some seaweed.

The weather did start to fine up after a while and the Narooma Golf Course is famous, so Les and I played half a dozen holes and this shot was taken from the deck of the clubhouse on Monday afternoon.


The weather was very wet for most of the week at Narooma. The gale force winds whipped the sea into a frenzy. The fish must have had more sense than me and had taken to shelter. Despite being tossed around a few times in the waves, my fishing expeditions were unfortunately fruitless.

Out of the weather, I engaged in one of my favourite board games: Scrabble. You really do love it or hate, right? This is a shot from the end of a game against Jen, in which I was victorious.

Bramley's Bar

Chemist like doing reactions and playing soccer, but we also like having a few drinks. Jen volunteered recently to be our bar-tender at Bramley's at the RSC.

Purple Shin Soccer Grand Final 2006

Our RSC soccer team made it through to the grand final and the week before last we had our last game against Facilities and Services. It was a really hard fought game and we went down 2-1.

Rugby 2006 Concludes

This season I played with the third and fourth grady Uni Owls rugby team. Our third grade and fourth grades made it in to the semi-finals and we were knocked out. Thirds went down to Gunghalin and fourths to Wests. Our second grade team did better and made it in to the grand final. The season was great fun despite the freezing training sessions and I will endevour to play again in 2007.