Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Floriade in Canberra


mot-juste said...

Hi Alcifer,

thanks for visiting my blog a while back. To answer your question, I left the Can in pursuit of the PhD ... I have just returned from a visit back at the old haunts and feel quite homesick. Lucky you to be living in such a superlative place.

Anonymous said...

Hey Pinko!

Sorry, I've signed up for the new Blogger Beta thing and so I can't use my normal account thing to comment on your blog.

But anyway, you got rid of all that extra hair!! Hurrah! Looks like you've had a nice holiday too. You're crazy for going diving!

Catch you later!

angewalsh said...

You're looking very clean cut Pinko.. what is going on!?!?!?
Sure you won't come up to Sydney this weekend??

Alcifer said...

Mot-Juste, it is a pleasure to have you drop by - you are always quite welcome.

Hiya Katie and Angie! Katie, at least you may know of the story of Samson from the Book of Judges? He has incredible powers such that he can safely engage in wrestling a lion, slaying an entire army with nothing more than a donkey's jawbone, and tearing down an entire building. His powers wane when his hair is cut and, well, it's much the same for me, so I am growing it all back!! Hahaha!

A trip to Sydney may be on the cards, Ange.. I am keen to go to Bato's though. Come and meet me at Bato's on Saturday for a swim then we will hang out in Sydney in the evening? Please bring Roberts down in your white whale.



joey_apthorpe said...

Waddup, Pinks?
Floriade looks grand. I'd chow down a few claratines before I went though.
Why don't you grow your hair back to the cool style it was back in year 7 & 8? Go the nineties. I remember when you used to tease me because I parted my hair in the middle and you said I had a bald spot. Thanks a lot Pinko. I hate you.
Come to Sydney soon.
Joey xxx

Alcifer said...

Hi Jo! There is no way I am getting an undercut again. Did you know that 'do is now associated with goth and cybergoth subcultures? Neither did I.

Relating some of my limited familiarity with the Book of Judges and discussing popular nineties culture reminded me of an hilarious video that I watched recently. It is a bible-themed parody of Sir Mix A Lot's 1992 hit.

McMaster said...

Hey Pinko
Looks like your enjoying yourself. Well in Vancouver at the moment in weather much like lithgow or Canberra, its alll good though will prob updat blog with goings on in next few days.