Wednesday, June 28, 2006

What's Changed?

Late yesterday an inflammatory gem arrived in my inbox from Scotty. A hand-drawn and particularly life-like artwork that I produced some time ago has come back to me - cheers Scotty. Allow me to reproduce the text from the email:

Hey guys i was fondling thru my valuable piles of
rubbish and found this delightful drawing by an
unknown (DAVID PINKERTON) artist. Sure a few things
have changed, roberts and i are getting stupider, but
ange and jo still have really big thumbs hovering
above unfortunate men and pinko and (probably) kummo
still have enormous heads. anyway the point is?
hope u get a laugh out of it and i apoligise ahead of
time if i have gotten the artist into any trouble with
large thumb girls
What a ripper! Comments from the large-thumb girls..?

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Big Moncrieff Party (Rini is 20)

Rini and her little bro' Matt celebrated their 20th and 18th birthdays, respectively, on Saturday at the well-established Moncrieff Party House. Trace' - I am so glad to hear that you have recovered. We all needed a little time to deal with our over-indulgences. In fact, I think that I am almost ready to go back to work again! Current and honourary housemates of the 'Crieff, I tip my hat to your steadfast dedication to the practice of house shots. Louis, I will carry your sage advice with me always: Be the fish! Oh and Ash, I hope that you and Erin find your special friend (last shown perching here on your shoulder). He would have been safer bunked down after all! Btw Ash, I think that your band's track "Neighbourhood Watch" rocks. (Size 3.38 MB, < 2 min @ 256 kbps)

Note to all: REST UP THIS WEEKEND - thar's a huge one brewing up Cowra way for Friday, the 7th of July!

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Big Boy or Beachmaster?

Big boy or beachmaster - which shape is it? Let's hear from the public in the comments section... Dunc, you're at it again. Jenny and I sure enjoyed those beers poured straight from the kegs at your house on Sunday night. Cheers, Duncsta.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Phil Turns 24

Chris and I juggle Phil's special 24th Birthday presents.

The birthday boy and Katie (both Cowra Picnic Races 2006 attendees) celebrate Phil's birthday at Fenner College with a traditional singstar duet.

Brews (Not Mine, Of Course) Gone Off the Rails.

This is a cautionary tale for new brewers. Jenny's housemate (let's call him Paul) tried brewing a rhubarb champagne. He wore a puzzling look when I asked him what the original gravity was. The use of a hydrometer was neglected. Anyhow, full fermentation was not complete prior to bottling! At 2.30am on Sunday morning, my slumber was disturbed by the sound of crashing glass.

My first idea was that we had been hit by a stray firework, but that didn't explain this mess! In fact, the bottles had detonated simultaneously - showering the entire lounge room and living room with glass. Light bulbs had been blown out and the stainless steel panel behind the bottles was scarred from the blast. Kids, use a hydrometer (and store your bottles in a cupboard).

Owls' First Loss.

I was fullback for the team that didn't win against Gunghalin on Saturday.

Monday, June 05, 2006

Queanbeyan Kangaroos Rugby League Club

Jenny, Chris and I took a sauna yesterday afternoon and topped it off with a beer out at the 'Roos Club. My little bro' Marko is shown at the tap. Keep up the great work, mate. I hope that you go really well with your results in Sydney this week!

Ater dinner, I had helpers to bottle my latest brew (number 26), a malt-ginger beer (alc. ~ 4.9%). My current brew is a strong pilsener with extra hops.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Sauna and Plunge at the AIS

A couple of months ago, The Duncsta introduced me to the AIS sauna, plunge pool and spa. I have tried to incorporate a trip out to Bruce every week or two because it really is great to do. According to Dunc', the procedure invigorates your immune system and cleanses your skin! The pool shown below is cooled to 13°C and is a real shock to the system when you come straight out of the sizzling sauna.