Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Big Moncrieff Party (Rini is 20)

Rini and her little bro' Matt celebrated their 20th and 18th birthdays, respectively, on Saturday at the well-established Moncrieff Party House. Trace' - I am so glad to hear that you have recovered. We all needed a little time to deal with our over-indulgences. In fact, I think that I am almost ready to go back to work again! Current and honourary housemates of the 'Crieff, I tip my hat to your steadfast dedication to the practice of house shots. Louis, I will carry your sage advice with me always: Be the fish! Oh and Ash, I hope that you and Erin find your special friend (last shown perching here on your shoulder). He would have been safer bunked down after all! Btw Ash, I think that your band's track "Neighbourhood Watch" rocks. (Size 3.38 MB, < 2 min @ 256 kbps)

Note to all: REST UP THIS WEEKEND - thar's a huge one brewing up Cowra way for Friday, the 7th of July!

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Ash said...

Hey nice post, I love having three cameras to make sure every fun and embarrassing moment is captured. One thing though; I think Rini may feel a bit robbed, it was only her 20th... But you know what they say; time flies when you're having fun!