Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Brews (Not Mine, Of Course) Gone Off the Rails.

This is a cautionary tale for new brewers. Jenny's housemate (let's call him Paul) tried brewing a rhubarb champagne. He wore a puzzling look when I asked him what the original gravity was. The use of a hydrometer was neglected. Anyhow, full fermentation was not complete prior to bottling! At 2.30am on Sunday morning, my slumber was disturbed by the sound of crashing glass.

My first idea was that we had been hit by a stray firework, but that didn't explain this mess! In fact, the bottles had detonated simultaneously - showering the entire lounge room and living room with glass. Light bulbs had been blown out and the stainless steel panel behind the bottles was scarred from the blast. Kids, use a hydrometer (and store your bottles in a cupboard).

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