Monday, May 29, 2006

Deua National Park

Jenny and I visited Deua National Park on Saturday afternoon. In the morning, my rugby team - the Owls - drew with Queanbeyan. We are playing at home again next Saturday against Tuggeranong.

Despite the weather being literally freezing, Jenny and I were warmed by our campfire. I over-compensated for the cold by filling the swag with three blankets and two doonas. It was simply too hot!

This was our second visit to this national park, though it has been at least a year since our last visit. Again, amongst the fauna, we saw a lyrebird - though not an echidna. This time, as we were not pressed for time, we were able to visit the marble arch, shown below.

The most unusual feature at this part of the national park is the Big Hole. The photograph doesn't really do the hole's depth justice. Those ferns at the bottom are (apparently) two metres tall. A lyrebird lives at the bottom. The hole was formed when the limestone below was eaten away by water and the top layers fell in. Only one person has fallen in to the hole - a fatal experience. Locals in the 1860's said that it was probably an accident.
The Big Hole and the Marble Arch are features of the 400 million year old cave system that can be observed without going underground.

A special message for Kev - congratulations for Wednesday when your thesis goes in - we will see you at the bar to celebrate, certainly!

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Singstar III

Singstar Rocks and the Big Quiz kept us all entertained at the Fox this weekend. It looks like the weather would have been great for camping/bushwalking, so perhaps I will try to get away this weekend after football at our home ground on Saturday.

Monday, May 15, 2006

Autumn in Canberra

Though the mornings are frosty now, Canberrans are treated to a marvellous display of changing foliage. The tree shown here is outside the main Chemistry Department lecture theatre at the ANU.

Kittens (as well as other "Fox" dwellers) appreciate being able to take refuge from the cool weather inside. The Fox especially, as all past and present Fox dwellers can appreciate, can be rather a frigid place to live in the cooler months.

Even the beer has to rug up down here! (Though the heating pad is being used only intermittently at this stage.) This photograph was taken just after my latest honey-wheat beer was put on.

Fox Place Hosts Another Singstar and Buzz Night

Our new housemate, Chris, is "warming up" for his performance. (Wink, wink...)

Novel red-eye-reduction technology. Hi Trace' and 'Rini!

Toomaarrah and Jen gave marvellous performances on Singstar. I will have to redouble my training to challenge the girls on the microphone!

Buzz had the gang on the edge of their seats! Has anyone played the sequel yet?

Owls 2006

The third grade Uni Norths Owls team (for which I have been playing) are shown above playing against Woden. Ultimately, we came out on top in that game - and we won again last weekend against Easts. ADFA on their turf is up this weekend. Cheers Jenny for the photo.

Friday, May 12, 2006

Brewer's Update

A note of interest:

27 x 800mL = 21.6L

That is 21.6L of bottled beer per brew.

24 x 21.6L = 518.4L

So after 24 brews, I have bottled just over half a thousand litres of beer. Assuming that beer is approximately as dense as water of course, I can now say that I have brewed half a tonne of beer! You could also say 648 long-necks or 54 cases.

My latest recipe (brew 25):
  • Munton's Wheat Beer Kit (1.8kg)
  • Queanbeyan (Queen-Bee-Ann) Fresh Honey (1.5kg)
  • Morgan's Unhopped Extra Pale Malt Extract (1.5kg)
  • Morgan's Finishing Hops - Pride of Ringwood (12g)
  • Yeast: Safale/Wheat K97 (11.5g)
Volume: 23 L
Approximate alcohol concentration (v/v): 7 %

This beer is going to be something special. The boiling honey filled the house with a wonderful aroma yesterday morning while I was preparing it.

My salutations, of course, to my fellow brewers - in particular: Jenny, Dunc', Bruce and Mixmaster.