Friday, May 12, 2006

Brewer's Update

A note of interest:

27 x 800mL = 21.6L

That is 21.6L of bottled beer per brew.

24 x 21.6L = 518.4L

So after 24 brews, I have bottled just over half a thousand litres of beer. Assuming that beer is approximately as dense as water of course, I can now say that I have brewed half a tonne of beer! You could also say 648 long-necks or 54 cases.

My latest recipe (brew 25):
  • Munton's Wheat Beer Kit (1.8kg)
  • Queanbeyan (Queen-Bee-Ann) Fresh Honey (1.5kg)
  • Morgan's Unhopped Extra Pale Malt Extract (1.5kg)
  • Morgan's Finishing Hops - Pride of Ringwood (12g)
  • Yeast: Safale/Wheat K97 (11.5g)
Volume: 23 L
Approximate alcohol concentration (v/v): 7 %

This beer is going to be something special. The boiling honey filled the house with a wonderful aroma yesterday morning while I was preparing it.

My salutations, of course, to my fellow brewers - in particular: Jenny, Dunc', Bruce and Mixmaster.


Jenny said...

Congrats on passing the half tonne mark. This next one you are making sounds like it will be pretty special. My latest ginger beer has a calculated alcohol content of 6.3% so it may not have the same rejuvenating effect yours does. Still should be pretty nice and ready to sample soon.


P.S. Happy birthday to Chris for today!

McMaster said...

Hey man thats alot of beer are we all a bunch a pissheads or what, definately still a rookie when it comes to brewing especially looking at that new recipe but definitely will have to catch up to trial this new honey-malt wheat beer.