Saturday, April 29, 2006

Narooma Beach

It is my first weekend back in Canberra for a few weeks (after Easter and ANZAC weekends) so I considered that I was overdue for some posts. Of course it was fun to catch up with my Cowra friends a fortnight ago. I have a few photos here from my trip away to Narooma last weekend. My unversity rugby union team, the Owls, has finished trials now and our official competition starts next week - I wonder if I could get hold of some action shots or video...?

Clouds starting rolling in on my last morning at Narooma Beach for a while.

Our family mascot, Barkley, was overjoyed to be along for the trip.

Morning bodysurfing experiences certainly are a treat. Oh, if only we had a beach here in Canberra!

Jenny and I are shown suiting up for our diving over the weekend. There were seals, sharks, rays and lots and lots of fish. Oh, and golf balls! (We had one of our dive sites adjacent to a golf course). Jan and Les have some great photos that I will try and chase up.


McMaster said...

Hey Pinko,
Been ages, looks like youve been enjoying the holidays, look forward to seeing these action rugby shots. Will have to try and catch up.

angewalsh said...

Pinko! You've had a haircut!! It looks awesome!! sorry we didn't get to catch up at easter..have you looked at my blog recently? Let me know when you're coming to sydney next!!

fin said...

Yeah - let me know Pinko and I may join you!

Haven't seen you and Jen since the apologies for not bidding you a fond farewell...too much punch you might say..

Do you want to catch up soon? Lunch/drink? Let me know,

PS No beard!!!

Alcifer said...

Hi Mix', Ange and Fin',

Thanks for the sweet compliment, Ange. I was looking on your blog. I hope that your poor ankle has healed now?

Fin, I will be sure to tell you about any prospective journeys to Sydney. I see that Stu is heading over to Europe(?) soon, but I do not think that I will be able to make a trip to Sydney prior to his departure. Perhaps we can meet up this week? Would you like to come for a sauna and plunge out at the AIS?

I was glad to read on your blog, Mix', that the homebrewing is going strong! I am going to bottle my twenty-fourth brew soon - a strong stout. I recommend that you try doing a wheat beer next. They are very nice to drink, easy to brew and something a bit different.

Cheers guys,


Katie said...
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