Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Paintball Sports ACT

Last Saturday, after rugby at Queanbeyan, and prior to the Belco' Bash, I attended a RACI-sponsored paintball day at Paintball Sports ACT. Out near the airport, deep in a pine forest I had my fourth exilerating session of paintballing. I really love paintballing and I just cannot recommend it enough. It was a blast. The photo above shows Jenny and I posing after the match with fifteen fellow chemists who came out for the afternoon.

A special mention to a fellow Cowra-ite, Sam Clements, working part-time at the range and best wishes for your potential career in the AFP.


Katie said...

That's an interesting pose you're in there Pinko... it looks like... actually I don't know... but it looks awkward.

McMaster said...

hey Pinko
looks like fun will have to organise to all do it together. Also home brew worked a treat nearly drank it all.
have done an update to

Mel Bagsy said...

It's looks as though you are laughing heartily Pinko, like Santa ;-)