Monday, April 10, 2006

Belco' Bash

The hostess with the "most-est" - Finn' fires up. Thankyou for hosting such a fun party, Paula!

The zebra herds graze on the grasslands and savannahs of central west New South Wales. An adult zebra has a mass of up to 235kg and can run at a speed of 80km/h. When the herd is alarmed the zebra move quickly in all directions. Their stripes dazzle the predator and make it difficult to tell one zebra from another.

Jo impatiently awaits an important phone call.

Hi girls. It was great that Mel and Ange (and Jo and Shaun too) made the trip down to Canberra from Sydney on the weekend.

Go Big Jo!

Great seeing you guys and look forward to catching a few of you at home in Cowra over Easter time, right?


The Old Man said...

Looks like a crazy party kids.

Pia said...

hey guys

wish i could have been there! looks awsome!!!!! hope to see you guys at picnic races time.

catch ya later


McMaster said...

Hey Guys
Looks like you all had a ball. Anyways next time i will make the effort, See you guys soon hopefully more than likely the picnics

Katie said...

Oh man, I miss all of you guys!