Saturday, December 31, 2005

Go Big Hostess Jo

A shambolic game of poker was followed by experimentation with face-recognition software at Jojo's house on Tuesday night. Hello Pingu! Posted by Picasa

Christmas Day!

Christmas Day was a relaxed affair shared with Jenny, shown left in her favourite seasonal attire. Posted by Picasa

Xmas Eve in Cowra

Xmas eve is traditionally a superb time to catch up with friends in Cowra. The evening is rivalled only by the Cowra Picnic Race day. The Imperial Hotel is an old favourite and was the first venue. The evening included a trip to the Lachlan Valley hotel. Coops and Garth are shown enjoying the evening in this photograph. Of course, the evening concluded at the Townhouse Hotel. It was a fun evening and I enjoyed catching up and chatting to lots of my old friends even if the conversations are now a little hazy... Posted by Picasa

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Wednesday, home.

A trip to Merimbula and Tathra, and some fish and chips rounded out the trip to the Sapphire coast. Jenny and I swam until the beginnings of a storm were whipping up at Tathra then we were on our way home!

Our next trip is to Cowra tomorrow afternoon - so we're looking forward to seeing you guys when we get in and over the next few days too.

Bye for now! Posted by Picasa

Bournda Island

As well on Tuesday, we trekked through a national park for a bit over a kilometre to visit Bourna Island, shown here. The cold currents batter the island rather a bit, so we weren't able to do a lap around it. As well, some rather large jellyfish were visiting the area and my budgie-smugglers seemed a very chancy protection against them. Notably, I did see a tuna that must have followed the cool currents. As well, Jenny and I examined the small cave on the island, close to the isthmus that connects it to the mainland.
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Tathra on Tuesday

Snorkelling around Tathra point was awesome on Tuesday. The water was incredibly clear, probably because there was only a gentle breeze.

Late on Monday afternoon, Jenny and I came across a little reptilian head poking out of the sand while we were snorkelling. I wasn't game to go to near for fear of the monster attatched to that snake-like head. All along I had nothing to fear for it was just a little fish hiding. Jenny and I haven't found out their common name yet, so we just refer to them as "sanke-head fish". Monday was also the day for crabs! My warning to Jenny about looking out for crabs saved her as she was climbing back in to the water. If she hadn't checked with her mask, she would have climbed onto a family of big crabs!

Tuesday was the best day for snorkelling. We came across a cuttlefish, some octopus, schools of many different species of fish. Unfortunately, I don't have an underwater camera so a shot of the beached whale above will suffice? Posted by Picasa

Camping at Tathra

Camping was cozy in the swag at Tathra on Monday night. We opted to use the tent on Tuesday when we stayed at a national park further south. What was the name of that mountain again, Jenny?
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Bega Cheese Factory

Jenny and I stopped in for a visit and taste-test at the Bega Cheese factory on our way to the "Sapphire Coast" on Monday.
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Saturday, December 17, 2005


Yesterday evening I met Kev at the Turner Bowling Club to try my hand at the game for the first time.

Friday, December 16, 2005

Graduation Day

Jenny and I are shown above, in our gowns, celebrating outside Llewellyn Hall at the ANU, the venue for yesterday's graduation ceremony. Rimsy is shown below, though without his mortar-board.

Celebrations continued on into the evening and included a trip (of course) to O'Neil's in Dickson for their popular $2.50 pints. The entire Moncrieff Street crew is shown here.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

This Ferrari was parked just outside of the Rege (we were there again!) and I felt compelled to be photographed with it.

Thanks again guys for putting us up and for the great extended weekend - Jen and I hope to catch up again soon!

Snorkelling on Sunday

Dives on Sunday were at Bare Island (above) and Camp Cove (below), both of which are in the Eastern suburbs (La Perouse and Vaucluse, respectively).

Shenanigans II

A brief clamber on the shocking sticker car and a few more longies of homebrew were culminated by a deep slumber disturbed only by a cascade of packing material.

Shenanigans I

A trip through Hyde Park via the War Memorial led us to Oxford St. Beware the Tabouleh cough! A bus ride down Flinders St and Anzac Parade brought us almost all of the way back to our homebrew.

The Coronation

By the time we arrived at the Coronation, it was apparent that the lads were up to something. Wipe On Sex Appeal - of course!

The McMaster Bar

The service at the next bar was impeccable. The bar-tender volunteered to take this shot for us. McMaster, what is this awesome bar on George Street that you took us to?

Three Wise Monkeys

I accompanied my three wise monkeys to our next destination of the same name. Observe Roberts attracting attention at the bar. Pheremones... 3WM was busy like it always is!

The Shark Hotel

The first stop, on Friday evening, after steaks at The Regent Hotel in Kensington (of course) was the Shark Bar in the City. Unfortunately there are no sharks any more.

Snorkelling at Gordon's Bay

A favourite spot for snorkelling and diving just north of Coogee Bay is Gordon's Bay. Jenny and I swam here on Friday afternoon.

Heading up to Kenso

Jenny and I set out on our expedition to Sydney in the 'Rolla with our swag, a full esky and our snorkelling gear. We had a smooth, sunny three-hour trip to Roberts' and Scotty's house in Kensington.