Thursday, December 22, 2005

Tathra on Tuesday

Snorkelling around Tathra point was awesome on Tuesday. The water was incredibly clear, probably because there was only a gentle breeze.

Late on Monday afternoon, Jenny and I came across a little reptilian head poking out of the sand while we were snorkelling. I wasn't game to go to near for fear of the monster attatched to that snake-like head. All along I had nothing to fear for it was just a little fish hiding. Jenny and I haven't found out their common name yet, so we just refer to them as "sanke-head fish". Monday was also the day for crabs! My warning to Jenny about looking out for crabs saved her as she was climbing back in to the water. If she hadn't checked with her mask, she would have climbed onto a family of big crabs!

Tuesday was the best day for snorkelling. We came across a cuttlefish, some octopus, schools of many different species of fish. Unfortunately, I don't have an underwater camera so a shot of the beached whale above will suffice? Posted by Picasa

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