Sunday, May 21, 2006

Singstar III

Singstar Rocks and the Big Quiz kept us all entertained at the Fox this weekend. It looks like the weather would have been great for camping/bushwalking, so perhaps I will try to get away this weekend after football at our home ground on Saturday.


Pia said...

hi there pinko

You wouldn't believe it but in WA we can still swim in the beach, the weather is a bit cool but the water is BEAUTIFUL!!!

I am getting ready for a big update on the blog so check it out in a couple of days


Alcifer said...

Hiya Pia!

So, it's still pretty warm over there in Perth, eh? I just saw on the BOM website that in Canberra this morning at 7 am, the temperature was just 1.2 deg C. Meanwhile, I guess, you were basking at 7 am in Perth with a temperature of 16.4 deg C! (Sydney, if anyone is interested scored 11.6 deg C).

I guess that you also get those top warm currents from across the Indian Ocean? I sure could do with a bit of time in the water over there!

I will certainly be looking out for the update on your blog, Pia! I often check to see if people have updated lately. (I am looking at you, McMaster!)


McMaster said...

Hey Pinko
I update but if I do it often I'd run out of things to talk about. Hey Pia sounds like your enjoying the laid back lifestyle of Perth.

Pia said...

Hi there mix and pinko

I am loving perth at the moment but am getting very excited about the Cowra races, mix master are you going home for them ????

So pinko which singstar is the best to get we are about to purchase but don't know which one to get.

Help us singstar master!

catch ya all soon