Monday, May 15, 2006

Autumn in Canberra

Though the mornings are frosty now, Canberrans are treated to a marvellous display of changing foliage. The tree shown here is outside the main Chemistry Department lecture theatre at the ANU.

Kittens (as well as other "Fox" dwellers) appreciate being able to take refuge from the cool weather inside. The Fox especially, as all past and present Fox dwellers can appreciate, can be rather a frigid place to live in the cooler months.

Even the beer has to rug up down here! (Though the heating pad is being used only intermittently at this stage.) This photograph was taken just after my latest honey-wheat beer was put on.


angewalsh said...

Hey Pinko
are you the "interested bloghead" leaving comments on Katie's blog?
I'm just really curious! Did you come up to sydney for Stu's farewell over the weekend?

Alcifer said...

Nah - I missed Stuey's farewell. Did you miss it too? Why is he going to Europe?? What is he getting up to over there?

What's news in Sydney, btw?

Interesting bloghead? Sounds interesting, bloghead.