Wednesday, June 28, 2006

What's Changed?

Late yesterday an inflammatory gem arrived in my inbox from Scotty. A hand-drawn and particularly life-like artwork that I produced some time ago has come back to me - cheers Scotty. Allow me to reproduce the text from the email:

Hey guys i was fondling thru my valuable piles of
rubbish and found this delightful drawing by an
unknown (DAVID PINKERTON) artist. Sure a few things
have changed, roberts and i are getting stupider, but
ange and jo still have really big thumbs hovering
above unfortunate men and pinko and (probably) kummo
still have enormous heads. anyway the point is?
hope u get a laugh out of it and i apoligise ahead of
time if i have gotten the artist into any trouble with
large thumb girls
What a ripper! Comments from the large-thumb girls..?


McMaster said...

Hey Pinko
Should quit chemistry and become a cartoonist

joey_apthorpe said...

I remember this famous cartoon. I imagine there are a few more gents who should be under our large thumb(s).
Looking forward to see you at the races Pinks. Bringing some of your delicious brew?

joey_apthorpe said...

*seeing you

angewalsh said...

Hey Pinks
Yeah a hilarious drawing! I can't believe Scotty found it.. I remember it being drawn. So pumped for the races on FRiday. Which of your Canberra mates are coming with you??

Alcifer said...

G'day Guys,

This cartoon went over so much better than those dodgy ones I drew of the prophet earlier in the year.

I still will have to confirm with the Canberra contingent this weekend (you know how it is). Do you remember Phil from my 21st (and recently posted up on my blog)? He is probably coming along. And Jen's little sister Mel too - she was at the races last year. Of course you would remember Chris (also my new housemate) - he's a certainty. And a few others. Most of us will head over on Thursday.

I will rustle up a few bottles of my brew to bring along as well. Thanks for mentioning it, Jo. The cold weather retards carbonation in the bottles, so I have to "incubate" the bottles in a warm place for a week after bottling. Sydney is probably warm enough to not have to bother about this Mix', but in our icebox (The Fox) it would have to be close to freezing most of the time!

Cheers guys,


McMaster said...

I will bring whats left of my ginger beer cos the other brew died, will taste test again this week but think bacteria have gotten in and hence given it the sour taste. Its cold enough here for me Pinko have to use my credit card each morning to clean the car wind screen thankfully for the races i can go home to a nice warm bed!!

The Old Man said...

I am not drinking this weekend in preparation. The big wednesday for the last state of origin game and to Cowra on thursday.


Alcifer said...

Not drinking!? Let's not get carried away. I echo your sentiment, though. I would like to take it rather easy this weekend and give the liver a little rest before a big few days...