Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Phil Turns 24

Chris and I juggle Phil's special 24th Birthday presents.

The birthday boy and Katie (both Cowra Picnic Races 2006 attendees) celebrate Phil's birthday at Fenner College with a traditional singstar duet.


Pia said...

happy birthday phil look forward to seeing you all at the races.

pinko have you noticed i have taken Anges role for this event.

Alcifer said...

If you have taken Ange's role, then she will be taking your role?

angewalsh said...

well you'll just have wait and see on the day won't you!!

Rachel said...

Hi Pinko ... love the pics on your blog. It makes me miss uni life !! Lots of interesting things you seem to get up to :)

Pia said...

Hey Ange and Pinko

I don't really know what my role has been in the past, probably just turn up!

so i hope you do that ange.

McMaster said...

Hey Pinko
looking forward to catching up for the picnics (not long now), think latest brew was a flop, think may of got bacteria in it from the brewer rushing and not sterilising properly but has nothing on that champagne, that is impressive. Anyway just updated my blog and procrastinating

Alcifer said...

G'day Mixmaster,

Yep - the races are drawing near now! I was thinking of having a couple of quiet weeks in the lead-up, but I can't see it happening. Happy birthday for Karina today as well.

What makes you think that your latest brew has not turned out right? I am interested to know.

I will head over to your blog now...