Thursday, September 14, 2006


The weather was very wet for most of the week at Narooma. The gale force winds whipped the sea into a frenzy. The fish must have had more sense than me and had taken to shelter. Despite being tossed around a few times in the waves, my fishing expeditions were unfortunately fruitless.

Out of the weather, I engaged in one of my favourite board games: Scrabble. You really do love it or hate, right? This is a shot from the end of a game against Jen, in which I was victorious.

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joey_apthorpe said...

Hey Pinks. Wow those are some very white teeth! How do you get them that white? Photoshop? Bleach? Looks like you all had a grand time. That photograph of the golf course was my favourite.
We're off to Jervis Bay for the October long weekend and will circulate the pic's on my return.