Thursday, September 14, 2006

Mount Dromedary

Next to the quaint village of Tilba lies mount Dromedary. Les, Jenny and I ascended the 900 metre mountain on Monday morning.

The mountain is clothed mainly in cool rainforest. Bright spring days are marvellous for bush-walking. Am I right, Kevo?

We paused at the top for a light lunch before trekking back down to Tilba Tilba. Tuesday was gorgeous as well, but then it was time to return to Canberra. The days are wonderful - so bright and so warm at this time of year it is hard to stay inside at all!


Pia said...

Hey i am loving your snorkleing outfit, i just have got myself a wetsuit for the cold wether over here in Perth, you have to come over and go snorkelling/diving at rotnest island her in Perth. We are going to go real soon. We also have been learning to surf so hurry up and ocme over here!

Catch ya soon, I'll be home before christmas so I'll try and catch up with you.

Pia said...

ps.... i meant weather not wether. i wish i read things before i posted them. i also meant come not ocme.

Sorry to anyone reading this i will try to proof read things before posting.

Alcifer said...

I would love to come over to Perth for a visit. Maybe in the Summer-time? See you soon hopefully, Pia!