Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Peel Street Lads

Experimenting with domesticity, the lads make their weekly shopping trip and I have the pleasure of joining them as part of my visit early this week.

It was back to the comfortable new residence for a few brews and a barbie.

Aside from being introduced to the song "Toast", amongst other Bathurst fashions, I competed on Buck-hunt at the famouse Ox Hotel. Lee, for now, is the gun.

Marko runs a close second. I will put in some practice at Mooseheads on the Buck while I still can't get in to to work at my hail-damaged building and try to give the Bathurst lads more of a run for their money next time.

Marko and I took the GS500 for a run around Mount Panorama on Tuesday afternoon.

I may be just a tad over the posted speed limit of 60 kmph..?

In the past, I may not have given Bathurst the credit it deserves and would say now that Marko and Lee are living in a little slice of paradise over there. As such, I will be back again soon and will also be trying to improve my lap times at The Mountain. Marko poses below in front of the turn-off to the pits at the northern end of the track.

Spending a bit of time on the campus over Monday and Tuesday impressed upon me how beautiful the location is - with its rolling green ovals, and the people here are really friendly. Marko and Lee - you guys have made and awesome choice. Thanks again for the hospitality, cheers!


Katie said...

Ah, good old Bathurst CSU! Doesn't seem like that long ago that I was languishing in the weak Bathurst sun on the lawn in front of the library... those were the days! I even know where Peel Street is! Bathurst is nice, but it's a bit cold. But then again, you guys have been in Canberra for a fair while, so it probably seems tropical to you.

So what is Mark studying?

Alcifer said...

A bit cold!? These boys aren't so easily perturbed. The lads will even do what they can over winter to keep first year marketing and psych girls warm over the winter!

Katie said...

Very chivalrous of them! But you still didn't tell me what he's studying.

Alcifer said...

You still haven't asked.

Katie said...

I did ask at the end of the first comment I made. I will ask again - what is Mark studying at CSU, Bathurst campus?

Alcifer said...

Ah - of course you did ask!

Accounting will be Marko's newest trade.