Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Post-doc at the Uni of Notre Dame, IN

At the end of September, I moved to Indiana to take up a post-doc at the Uni of Notre Dame in Indiana. The photograph below shows me in front of the "Touchdown Jesus" on the Hesburgh library. Though pretty busy in the laboratory, I have "tail-gated" a few times, watched a couple of football games in the huge (80,000+ seats) stadium, cheered the Irish to victory in ice hockey, and made a road-trip to Grand Rapids, MI, for a Ben Folds concert. Without my own camera, I'm a bit light-on for photos, though. I especially wish that I'd taken some pictures of our first snow on the Friday before last. Last month, I also took my driving test to get an Indiana driver's licence. It's more handy than always using your passport for ID, especially as you must show ID for all grog purchases here. I have also had Jen visit in the past week and will post some more photos of Notre Dame next.

From 2010-10-10


McMaster said...

looking good Pinko, hope all going well and getting used to the traffic coming from the wrong direction. College sport in the US is amazing and crazy, good fun but always questionable investing that many $ into sport.

Alcifer said...

Yeah, they are crazy. I am getting used to the road rules now. Four-way stops are still a bit tense. I drove the the "beach" today. I was on the shore of Lake Michigan, just south-west of Michigan City. I climbed around on the dunes for a while but couldn't stay out there for too long because my fingers were near to frost-bitten!