Thursday, November 11, 2010

Last ride

I missed posting this photo from early September. Marko and Les and I have been playing more and more golf recently. The course in Cowra was returning to its former glory, having had a lot of rain this year. (And I believe that it's still coming down.) We actually played in the rain on the same day that the following picture was taken, though the western sky had cleared for us as we were coming up the eighteenth.

From 2010-06-14

Bill and I took our Suzukis (1400 and 500 cc, respectively) out for a spin on my last full day in Australia before I was to leave for the States. We rode south-east through Mount Collins on the way to the Wyangala Dam. There were many fields of canola lining our route.

From 2010-06-14

The Dam had risen to about 25% at this stage and now I hear that it is up to about 50%. I hope that it's full by the time I get back.

From 2010-06-14

The next day, Jan and Les gave me a ride to Lithgow and then I rode two trains and took two flights and 30 hours later I was in Indiana and getting ready to start my post-doc. In the next post, I'll put up some pictures from the Uni of Notre Dame.

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Scarykrill said...

I'm a little jealous of your riding! Hopefully I can get some kms under the tyres during the Xmas break. I plan on heading to adelaide via the great ocean road