Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Jan 15: Karaoke

On Sunday evening, the 15th, co-incidentally Dunc's last night in Bangkok, we indulged in karaoke. It was awesome - then, I always like karaoke. We had our own room to perform in, all you can eat and drinks delivered (much to the detriment of my singing). Jib and Dunc, by this stage engaged, are shown just prior to singing a love duet.
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Katie said...

You did karaoke? Oh my goodness!! I remember your previous attempts at singing... needless to say that enough songs were slain by your tone-deafness without karaoke thrown in!! :)

It was good to see you in Sydney too. Thanks for dropping by.


Alcifer said...

Katie Starr - you don't realise that I have actually won money for my vocal performances! It must be some time since you have ever heard me sing... I have never seen you sing on stage, but I wonder if you can be a "superstar" too? Thanks for introducing me to the Lewisham pool, btw!


Mel Bagsy said...

I have heard Katie sing and she sounds beautiful - do you remember our dance that Michelle choreographed to Brittany Spear's "Hit me Baby One More Time"? and we sang on stage to that?

I'd like to see you do Brittany Pinko

Alcifer said...

Hi Mel,

Trust me - I will do Britney at my first oppurtunity! I do remember the performance that you and Katie did. It was at the Civic Centre, right?