Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Rimsy, Roberts and I at Gordon's Bay and Queenscliff. Roberts Flounders.

While Roberts recovered from the debauchery of his Saturday night by beaching himself, Rimsy and I did a day of snorkelling. Firstly, we visited our old favourite spot, Gordon's Bay - just a 15 minute drive from the lads' pad on Todman Avenue.

Feeling like an excursion, we hiked to Queenscliff (near Manly) after lunch at the Clovelly Hotel. Roberts was having a relapse, so it was just Rimsy (shown above) and I out in the water again. On this snorkelling adventure, we came across a massive ray and a shark (shown below). Other interesting wildlife we noticed were blue gropers, cuttlefish, squid and morwong.

So - this is a reef shark, is it? I'm not sure. It was about one to one-and-a-half metres long... Who can tell me for sure?


Katie said...

Those photos look really good Pinko! Maybe I should come out with you sometime.... but you'll need to be patient and very kind if I do!

McMaster said...

Hey Pinko
looks awesome i def will have to try and organise to actually get off my arse and come down for a swim. Love the pun, shame missed Roberts in such fine form.

Katie said...

You should have taken a photo of Roberts at his very best actually... would have been very funny!

Katie said...
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Alcifer said...

Hello Guys,

Every time I have been in Sydney lately, snorkelling on the coast has been included. So, Mixmaster - when are you coming to join us? I was also thinking of doing some spear-fishing again... Perhaps we could catch our dinner at the same time? It's got to be a lot healthier than steak and chips at the Rege!


angewalsh said...

There's nothing wrong with dinner at the rege! When it's that cheap it has to have no calories!!