Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Small furry footballs

Hiya Jen - back in Australia!

While in "tourist-mode" Jenny and I stopped in the mountains to see some sites on our trip from the lads' house in Kenso (G'day to Roberts, JB and Scotty) to Cowra.


Pia said...

hey there pinko,

I have this exact photo, except i am the one in it not you. I might post it a bit later.

Hope your all good,

Katie said...

The title alone intrigues me... small furry footballs?

I'm glad Jenny got back safe and sound. Have fun in Cowra.

Alcifer said...

Hi Guys,

I will look for on your blog for the aforementioned photo with you in it, Pia. I took the photo and intend to make a comparison against another almost-identical photo taken when I was a little boy. The three sisters would have to be one of the most photographed scenes in Australia!

Small furry footballs refers to Jenny's description of the flightless, nocturnal kiwi birds of New Zealand.

I look at both of your blogs regularly so please keep up the updates - and the photos too!


McMaster said...

Hey Pinko
got love the touristy stuff. sorry didint catch up again on the weekend I am getting slack as my blog shows almost a month and no updates must be this detox i am got nothing going will try and catch up soon and update blog this week

Pia said...

a hoy there pinkers

just updated, found that pic. i just had a good look at your photos from thailand. I want a beer tower, are they common? looks like a pretty good time.

see you later alligator