Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Jan 6: Zen Central

This is the means by which beer is served in Thailand. Shown next to me is the first of three towers (3L) each that the Duncsta and I shared in the course of the evening. The entertainment is great at these open-air beer gardens - live performances on a massive stage and huge screens and sound. Zen Central (the beer garden shown) is surrounded by food vendors and you can't sit your beer down half-full without it being graciously replenished by the beer maids. The towers even come to you! Now, if I ran the uni bar...


angewalsh said...

I wish we had those in Australia!!!

Anonymous said...

hey pinkers

looks like you had am awsome time. I have also just gotten back from a little trip. check it out on my blog.

You should come over here sometime. we also provide great service and beer but maybe not at such an excellent price.

cat ya later

Alcifer said...

Hiya Pia,

I'll be over to have a look at your trip next. Do you have any free time in Perth coming up? Jen is returning from NZ on Friday and we have still a bit of time left before uni starts early in March. Perhaps we should do a trip over?