Saturday, January 14, 2006

Back to BKK

On Wednesday night, I undertook my first night dive. The wildest thing underwater then is the bioluminescence - everywhere there is vigorous movement, little greens "sparks" are flying out. There was three of us going under, but we were accompanied by a contingent of Swedish guys and British/Irish girls.
The upper photo was taken when we had arrived back on Koh Tao and the other photo was taken post-dive on the upper deck of the LV Diving boat. The girls have since departed, though the Swedes will be here for weeks to come. I'm off again this morning and heading back to Bangkok to do lots of shopping and to try and take in a bit more of the capital. I'll see all of you Aussies in a week. As well, congratulations to Duncan and Jib who are recently (two days ago) engaged. Many happy returns!


McMaster said...

Looks like your having a ball Pinko looking forward to some stories on your return. Will have to update my blog soon when remember to take photos. Cheers Mix

angewalsh said...

hey Pinko
Looking forward to you getting back in the country. Not long now!
sounds like you've been having a great time!

Alcifer said...

Hiya Guys and thanks for the messages!

Yep, it's going pretty well. I'm stationed back in Bangkok now (Mango Lagoon Place). At this moment I am making an excursion out to Lop Buri (monkey city) and Ayutthai (ancient city). I would have travelled yesterday, but a late night prevented it. It is common in beer gardens over here for people to buy their beer in 3 litre towers and just pour it out as you go!