Sunday, January 01, 2006

NYE 2005

A swimming pool in a ute!
What a New Year's Eve in Canberra when the temperature was soaring to 38 degrees C!
Kevsta, Jenny, Rufus, Mixmeister, and I enjoyed the pool and showed it off so well that we had more company as the night grew longer.

Well... Happy New Year everyone and welcome 2006! Posted by Picasa


McMaster said...

Great to catch up Pinko. The Pool was gold except every time it rains my tray fills up. Have a great time OS and see you when you return no doubt with plenty of stories

Pia said...

hey pinkers

looks like you guys ad fun. where are you going???? and how long for.

wish i got to see you over christmas.


McMaster said...

Hey Pinko put a couple more photos onto my blog still playing round with it and trying to set it up whilst pretending to work hard.(

Alcifer said...

Hey Mix,

Great to see that you have a blog too now. You must actually be working - how about an update?