Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Cowra Picnic Races 2006 Notification

Hi Y'all - the annual Cowra Picnic Races are on the seventh of July this year. I hope to see as many of you there as possible!

Sunday, March 26, 2006

GAMSAT Sat on Sat and Drinks Drank 'Til Drunk

Jenny's whipped out the video camera last night and this time I am the person caught on film!

Downstairs @ the Moose. Man, there were so many people out at the Moose last night! Hello to my colleagues at the RSC, my Owls rugby union teammates, the Cox boys, the dirt-biker with the broken arm and the Nirvana fans.

The lads were revved up after dinner and ready to head on in to "get loose with the moose"(!)

Duncan and his parents hosted a marvellous dinner party on Saturday evening.

Graduate Australian Medical Schools Admissions Test) behind him on Saturday, the Duncsta shifted in to celebration mode and engaged in his trademark dance. Happy birthday to you too, Dunc - for during the week.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Happy Birthday Me

Twenty-four years old today!

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Courtesy of Scotty

"If I didn't know that guy ordinarily, I would have to assume he is retarded" - Girl (not shown) at the party a few weeks back in Sydney, making an observation on Roberts.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Party @ Da' Monc' Friday 10th of Feb

Bedford Decision is the reincarnation of the punk band MoneyShot 101 that peaked in mid 2005 in Australia. Shown above is a rare (but not for long) video of the band showing off and working the crowd at a suburban gig in Canberra. Click for a video sample of the men at their recent performance.

Moncrieff Street residents and close affiliates engage in the customary vodka shots. Louis, by now, needed to sit down. This bloke can drink like a fish - in fact - he became the fish!

The Kevsta is revving up for his post-honours celebrations already!

Deano and the Dobsta (one third of the Bedford Decision) thrust simultaneously.

Chris "Al" Jeffreys is sobering up with a homebrew. (A change from double G'n'T's).

Ash (another third of the Bedford decision) rehydrates. Hey Fin' - so glad you came along. I bet I can rustle up some more photos from after you rocked up. Maybe even at the Moose?

Dobsta bangs it out despite multiple injuries for over-indulgences recently. Dobs, I am so sorry for running over your legs while you were stricken from hurtling from my handle bars last Thursday evening!

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Driving in the Countryside

If anyone else is interested in adding video footage to their blog, I highly recommend visiting this site for an easy-to-follow tutorial on the topic. Here is a video from a couple of months ago that I took on Jenny's digital camera while she was at the wheel of the Corolla. I will send a gift of a bottle of ginger beer to the first person who can correctly name* the road upon which we were travelling at the time the video was taken.

*Must post the answer as a comment on the blog within seven days of this initial post.

Saturday, March 04, 2006

The Dancing Duncsta

This is my first "video-blog". It is 400 kB, so it should be a rapid download. Keep an eye out now for more video blogs here, on The Objective Fox. This video was taken during the first Singstar evening at the Fox. Oh, there is also a higher quality (2MB) version of this video here.

Friday, March 03, 2006

Keep the Change

Thursday @ O'Neil's

Thanks Ash (Jack Left Town) for forwarding along the photo above from last Thursday evening.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Jamison Pool

Karina, Jenny (on the speed slides), Ash and I frolicked at the Jamison Water Park on the Sunday just passed. Ash has some good photos of the battles on the floating dinosaur and others from the massive slides.

Karina, Jenny and I are rule-breakers - we made a train!

Here's Ash and Jenny battling it out at the finish line.

High-speed antics (and more rule-breaking) from Karina and Ashley.

I should be more worried here - I have passed the crab. The crab treaty dictated that we weren't to push each other off until having passed the crab.

Just another day at the beach...


I could take it no longer! On Saturday, I went out and bought myself a PS2 with Singstar (80's, pop, and original), and a case of beer. Then - we made a night of it! For more details of the ensuing noise pollution, try Ash's Blog as well - Jack Left Town.

Ash was keen on Avril Lavigne and can do an impressive rendition of Sk8ter Boi.

The Duncsta was jubilant when he found that George Michael was an option on the 80's disc.

Royal Canberra Golf Course

Chris is shown digging himself in to another hole. We played nine holes and I was done in by a few strokes. Beware the water feature on this course! (Or maybe it is just me).

Fire Fox

Ash's spider sense was telling him something wasn't quite right nearby. I, however, was determined to sip my tea inside. It turns out that the sirens were actually nearby (next door) and the haze outside the window was not a dust storm. Ash's sixth sense was right - the neighbouring (abandoned) house burnt down. (This was a couple of weeks ago now).

Disco Dunc Dozing

Keep up the study, Duncsta - only a few weeks to go now!