Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Cowra Picnic Races 2006 Notification

Hi Y'all - the annual Cowra Picnic Races are on the seventh of July this year. I hope to see as many of you there as possible!


Anonymous said...

Oh yes Pinks. Fin and I were only talking about this yesterday. God bless RDO's. Who's going to organise a tent this year? Preferably a larger one than last year...*dream sequence*........
Last year's tent was rather quaint, don't you think? And poor old McMaster, sober as a judge, cooking snags in the rain... This year is the races to end all races!

angewalsh said...

Yay!! At least I should be able to come this year!! people are welcome to lob into my parents tent if they like. Would be great to have our own tent too though.
looking forward to it!
Pinko, you party animal.. are you still coming to Sydney this weekend?? Don't forget my ginger beer prize!!

fin said...

Looking forward to it guys! Nice idea giving everyone a 'heads up' Pinko!

PS Can you please send me Jen's email address?


Katie said...

I'm still thinking about it. There are some people that I live with who sounded keen to make the trip to Cowra for the weekend... will keep u posted.

Anonymous said...

PS Pinks. That first 'anonymous' comment was from me. Forgive me for not signing my name. I hadn't had my second coffee for the day so I wasn't on the planet.
I am currently enquiring about tents... However as of yet, I am refusing to take on the responsibility, I'm merely enquiring...

McMaster said...

Picnics again already. Will more than likely make an appearance but will be making sure i start drinking earlier in the day this time round

Ash said...

Damn skippy! Don't know where i'll be around that time (still in aus though) but i know where i'll be on the 7th. Bring it!!!

The Old Man said...

Will be there!! With the whole canberra crew. Hopefully will not be in as much of a mess as last year. As big Kev would say I'M EXCITED.

Alcifer said...

Hi Jo, Ange, Fin', Katie, Mixmaster, Ash and Chris!

Having a roomy tent is great. Such endevours are perilous, though. I can still see the anguish on the Pacman's face when the main-stay of the Albie's tent buckled and snapped one Cowra Picnics Race Day-Eve while we were setting up.

Thanks of course Angie, for the kind offer to "lob" in to you parents tent! I have your beer award to present still. It has been hard to keep some aside! I'll try and make it to Sydney this weekend, though I won't push it because I'll see you all on Saturday for Paula's Belco' Bash anyhow.

Katie, that's a great idea to bring some of the hardest drinkin', hardest fightin' and hardest fartin' representatives from your college. Get them revved up early!

Mix', I sure expect you to make up for being a light-weight at last year's races. Hell - it would have been hard barbecu-ing in the rain and trying to feed an army. Well, this time I want you to have a beer in each hand and a girl under each arm.

I know, Ash, that your US trip will be looming by the time the races come around. The adventure would make a great dose of Australian "culture" before you head off to the states. I'm glad to hear you'll make it.

The Old Man (Chris) will of course be a veteran this time around. It would be nice to actually be in a state to catch a horse race the second time around, but we won't count on it, hey?

Well - looking forward to see you guys soon and keep that race day clear!


Anonymous said...

piss up time!!