Sunday, March 26, 2006

GAMSAT Sat on Sat and Drinks Drank 'Til Drunk

Jenny's whipped out the video camera last night and this time I am the person caught on film!

Downstairs @ the Moose. Man, there were so many people out at the Moose last night! Hello to my colleagues at the RSC, my Owls rugby union teammates, the Cox boys, the dirt-biker with the broken arm and the Nirvana fans.

The lads were revved up after dinner and ready to head on in to "get loose with the moose"(!)

Duncan and his parents hosted a marvellous dinner party on Saturday evening.

Graduate Australian Medical Schools Admissions Test) behind him on Saturday, the Duncsta shifted in to celebration mode and engaged in his trademark dance. Happy birthday to you too, Dunc - for during the week.


Sutho said...

for those who can't get my Mum's Swiss German at the beginning, she's asked me "bist du besoffen" - are you drunk? it means.
I don't think i was that drunk or maybe i was. being in GAMSAT mode i looked at my options A, B, C, D. and took D) none of the above. maybe with hind site i should have taken option A) yes. by the end of the night there were no more As, Bs, Cs, or Ds. just Ms for Moose.

Anonymous said...

Looks like a blast! We were out but missed the excitement! Well yours anyway!

Rini said...

Btw that was me!

Anonymous said...

You are one crazy Pinko.