Sunday, March 12, 2006

Party @ Da' Monc' Friday 10th of Feb

Bedford Decision is the reincarnation of the punk band MoneyShot 101 that peaked in mid 2005 in Australia. Shown above is a rare (but not for long) video of the band showing off and working the crowd at a suburban gig in Canberra. Click for a video sample of the men at their recent performance.

Moncrieff Street residents and close affiliates engage in the customary vodka shots. Louis, by now, needed to sit down. This bloke can drink like a fish - in fact - he became the fish!

The Kevsta is revving up for his post-honours celebrations already!

Deano and the Dobsta (one third of the Bedford Decision) thrust simultaneously.

Chris "Al" Jeffreys is sobering up with a homebrew. (A change from double G'n'T's).

Ash (another third of the Bedford decision) rehydrates. Hey Fin' - so glad you came along. I bet I can rustle up some more photos from after you rocked up. Maybe even at the Moose?

Dobsta bangs it out despite multiple injuries for over-indulgences recently. Dobs, I am so sorry for running over your legs while you were stricken from hurtling from my handle bars last Thursday evening!


The Old Man said...

Double Vodka limes pinko get it right!!!

Alcifer said...

Aha! That's right.