Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Happy Birthday Me

Twenty-four years old today!


Jen said...

You sure are an old dude now! Happy birthday. Hope you are having a great day.

Alcifer said...

Hiya Jenny - thankyou! I am going to try to get my allylic oxidation/bromination on by one o'clock and then maybe we can play indoor soccer with the Kevsta's team?


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Pinks. I was thinking of you this morning on my way to work as I've remembered ever since our school days that your birthday was today.
Have a lovely day and suck on a home brew for me.
Joey x

fin said...


Hope you have a great day and get a chance to celebrate your birthday with a few brewskies. I think you can give your 'healthy spreadsheet' a miss for one day!

Next drink is on me!


Alcifer said...

Hi Joey and Fin',

Thanks ladies for your nice messages. I will make it a short day in the lab today and place another peak on my "healthy" spreadsheet. Fin', have you started one? Last Friday night would have been a good evening to kick off from...?

Cheers guys,


angewalsh said...

Hope you have an awesome day!!
love ange!

Rimsy said...

Hey Pink, happy birthday mate! Hope you had a great day.


Rini ' Special 'K' ' said...

Hope it was tops and your next oneils beer is on me. Well have a great one take care

Katie said...

Happy birthday!!!! I was hoping I might see you online today, but it didn't happen unfortunately... nevermind. I hope you had a fantastic day filled with all the stuff you love (beer, chemistry, sport, singstar etc.. hehe)!

The Old Man said...

amazingly it has not made your singing any better!! Happy Birthday. How did the bromination go?