Sunday, February 19, 2006

Nightcaps and O'Malleys

O'Malleys served as the venue for a nightcap - a reward after the vigorous dancing we had been engaged in. Shockingly, a seed pod from high up in the tree under which we were parked, dislodged itself and hurtled with great force in to Tracey's drink.

Swayed by the determination and success McMaster has had with detoxification, I broke with tradition and ordered a "half-pint" as a token effort towards detoxification. Holding such a small drink, I was obviously vulnerable to the predictable wise cracks - thanks Ash.

It Was Five O'clock in the Afternoon

Last night we rode along to Garema Place for The Wizard Carnivale held as part of Canberra's 2006 National Multicultural Festival. It was actually rather a bit later than "five o'clock in the afternoon", but this catchy song lyric has stayed with us.

Tracey, Ash and Nat' danced for hours to the Salsa and Latin rhythms during last night's febrile summer evening.

Friday, February 17, 2006

2006 Harvest

Harvesting the 2005/6 crop at Rothbury Vineyard Cowra starts today.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Small furry footballs

Hiya Jen - back in Australia!

While in "tourist-mode" Jenny and I stopped in the mountains to see some sites on our trip from the lads' house in Kenso (G'day to Roberts, JB and Scotty) to Cowra.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Rimsy, Roberts and I at Gordon's Bay and Queenscliff. Roberts Flounders.

While Roberts recovered from the debauchery of his Saturday night by beaching himself, Rimsy and I did a day of snorkelling. Firstly, we visited our old favourite spot, Gordon's Bay - just a 15 minute drive from the lads' pad on Todman Avenue.

Feeling like an excursion, we hiked to Queenscliff (near Manly) after lunch at the Clovelly Hotel. Roberts was having a relapse, so it was just Rimsy (shown above) and I out in the water again. On this snorkelling adventure, we came across a massive ray and a shark (shown below). Other interesting wildlife we noticed were blue gropers, cuttlefish, squid and morwong.

So - this is a reef shark, is it? I'm not sure. It was about one to one-and-a-half metres long... Who can tell me for sure?

Gemma Makes Moncrieff, Swims

Gemma is shown left, presumably impersonating a box jellyfish in response to Ash, who has taken up his defensive form of... spiny urchin. Dickson pool is fun!

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Jan 6: Zen Central

This is the means by which beer is served in Thailand. Shown next to me is the first of three towers (3L) each that the Duncsta and I shared in the course of the evening. The entertainment is great at these open-air beer gardens - live performances on a massive stage and huge screens and sound. Zen Central (the beer garden shown) is surrounded by food vendors and you can't sit your beer down half-full without it being graciously replenished by the beer maids. The towers even come to you! Now, if I ran the uni bar...

Jan 8: Bikes

Taking in Ko Samui was much easier and scarier using motorbikes. For $6.50AU we had them for the day. In Thailand, there are road rules, but they are ignored. We were the only people wearing helmets. You give way to whoever has the most momentum and blast your horn at every oppurtunity to remind people that you are there. We saw GrandMother and GrandFather rock - the most photographed location on the island for their uncanny likeness to the relevant genitalia... Then we were off the bikes and heading up in to the rainforest.

Jan 8: Tropical Rainforest

The Duncsta, Jib and I had trekked up the biggest mountain in Koh Samui under torrential tropic storms and swam in the waterfall. Unfortunately, we had little to offer the monkeys we met on the way back to the village. (Duncan gave a monkey a stick). We could find our way back by following the bowling-ball sized elephant droppings. Needless it say, Let's Drink.

Jan 8: The Best of the Best

In Ko Samui, the most tourist-ridden island in the Sea of Thailand, The Duncsta and I were driven bonkers by the trucks with loudspeakers that every ten minutes drove by in an attempt to brain-wash us in to going to their Muay Thai (Thai Boxing) extravaganza. We did not capitulate despite hearing about a thousand times:
Ladies and Gentlemen
Ladies and Gentlemen
Do not miss

Do not miss
Best of the best
Best of the best
The best fights
The best fights
The best stadium
The best stadium
Do not miss fight
Do not miss fight
One night only
One night only

Get your ticket early
Get your ticket early....

Jan 14: German Bier House

A gruelling slow-boat/slow-bus combo back from Kao Tao was amply rewarded by an indulgence at the German Bier house recommended by Dunc and Jib. Of course there was the awesome service typical of all the beer gardens in Thailand and pretty good beer too. Funnily enough, the german snags that I ordered had to be cut by the waitress for me because it is traditional to eat with only a fork and spoon in Thailand - incompatible with sausages and don't even try asking for bread!
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Jan 15: Chatuchak Markets

Big day shopping at the Chatuchak markets. The Lonely Planet describes these markets aptly: This is it, the big one you've heard about. The behemoth of Thai markets where everything imaginable is for sale - from handmade silks from the provinces, extra-small fashion for the art-school fashionistas, fighting cocks and fighting fish, fluffy puppies and every imaginable souvenir. Posted by Picasa

Jan 15: Karaoke

On Sunday evening, the 15th, co-incidentally Dunc's last night in Bangkok, we indulged in karaoke. It was awesome - then, I always like karaoke. We had our own room to perform in, all you can eat and drinks delivered (much to the detriment of my singing). Jib and Dunc, by this stage engaged, are shown just prior to singing a love duet.
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