Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Snowy Mountains

There was still quite a few snow drifts left up in the Snowy Mountains. On our hiking trip, organised by Emma, up to Mount Kosciusko, I spotted a snow drift here in the shape of Australia.

The Snowy River is little more than a trickle at the point that we crossed it here. Of course, being snow-fed, this is one of Australia's rivers that has a constant flow.

In winter time, the bizzards can be quite rough, so this hut was built to shelter hikers and skiiers from the extreme cold. Really quite unnecessary at the time of the year, but quaint.

Some cool streams ran adjacent to our campsite and a few of us could not resist the chance to go swimming. Even fewer took up the opportunity on Sunday to swim in Blue Lake - the largest of Australia's five glacial lakes. In there, the water is very deep and close to freezing. Exhilarating though!

Up at around an elevation of 3000m, the views are spectacular. (This is as high as it gets in Australia - the Himalayas rise to about 8000m!) From the top of Mt Kosciusko, it is possible to see in to Victoria!

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angewalsh said...

Pinko you look naked in that photo of you on the rock! That snow drift does look like Australia and the one next to it looks like Tasmania.