Monday, November 13, 2006

Farewell Christmas

The Old Man departs this week to start his career in engineering in Perth, so in true Fox style he was farewelled with the greatest Singstar party yet. (Though, I am sure the neighbours and many people in the suburb would not agree...)

We connected the whole setup outside to take advantage of the excellent weather. The Beer-Can chook made another appearance, too.

The Singstar battles were hard-fought. Rimsy, of course, was unassailable when Nirvana was playing.

I had a blast and I trust that you all did, too. Fare ye well, Xmas and come for a visit when you can. Of course, now that you are returning to Perth, we are even more obliged to made the vast trek west-wards.

Chris cranks his stereo up and enjoys the subsequent rock concert atmosphere generated in the Lyneham Highschool grounds.

Impervious to the noise-pollution being generated, hardcore Singstar fans blazed on into the evening. At one stage, Chris put the stereo up to its maximum volume setting and it really sounded like a rock concert was being hosted at the Fox.


fin said...


Thanks for the call Pinko! haha

Sorry I didnt make the bbq - I was hoping you guys might head out on the town...

Good luck back in Perth Chris!


angewalsh said...

Looks like it was a fun afternoon/evening. Sorry we missed it! Another weekend.. will have to be in the new year though. Farewell Chris!