Tuesday, November 07, 2006


Guys (and lots of girls, too) enjoy going to Bunnings. It is a hardware mega-store. On Saturday, I picked up some new toys. Shown here is my Flymo push lawnmower. We have a petrol mower, but this one is fun and very efficient. I don't have much lawn so, if perhaps my grass doesn't grow sufficiently, I will take it out on the oval this weekend.

Some other items I picked up were hedge trimming shears ($5, already bent) and pruning secateurs. One of my favourite items is the mushroom farm. I will get some photos when I set it up and perhaps we can follow it through to harvest time?

Brewing kits aren't sold at Bunnings (yet), but I picked a couple up on the way home and now brew thirty-four is bubbling away happily. (It is a wheat beer).


angewalsh said...

Haven't picked up the brew kit yet. We've been heaps busy lately. I went looking for one the other day but only found one for $77 at kmart. I thought that was a bit steep. Where do you get yours from? Bunnings is very addictive!

Alcifer said...

Hi Angie,

$77 is a fair price for a brew kit, but you may be able to find a better price for one on special or second hand. Bear in mind, of course, that each brew is a little over two cases of beer for as little as $25. That is a saving of about $50 for each brew over buying beer at the bottle-o. Even if you paid 100 bucks for the setup, it will still have paid for itself after two brews. (And you will probably get your first lot of ingredients included with the package). The tip is, "start brewing as soon as possible!"

I bought my brew kit with Claire from The Grain and Grape and it was a little expensive but fine. Claire paid me out for that one and took it with her when she moved out last year, so I picked a new kit up from Butts'n'Brew in Kaleen (where I buy most of my brew-related materials). It wasn't a rock-bottom price either, though. Jenny picked her KMart kit up at a bargain price from her housemate, George, who had only made one brew in it. That kit though had been picked up on special. Can you recall how many sheckles that kit went for, Jen?

Anyhow, the KMart price is alright unless you can find one on special somewhere.



Jenny said...

Hi Ange,

I guess KMart has increased the price of their kits a bit over the last couple of years. George got his kit when KMart was having a 15% off everything sale and paid around $60.

You won't get a better deal than the Coopers kit from KMart (especially if you can get it on sale). It comes with extras that other kits don't have like plastic bottles, carbonation drops and a really lame instruction video. You will need you own bleach to sterilize though.

Good luck with your brewing,