Monday, November 20, 2006

GS500 Unleashed

On Friday, my GS500 arrived at Dahlitz Motors in Queanbeyan and I had it on the road as soon as I could manage. Over the weekend, I clocked up almost 700 km. (The first service is due at 1000 km).

My friend, Glynn, and I have been on a couple of long rides. Saturday afternoon saw us take our bikes (Glynn is on his '89 Honda CRR250R) out through the Cotter. We stopped off a Casurina Sands for a dip and then continued south to the Tidbinbilla space tracking station. We had another splash at a waterfall in Namadgi and stopped off for fuel at Tharwa, the southern most tip of our journey. The Monaro Highway brought us back in to town. Bikes are awesome - I can't rave about the riding enough! Claire and Phil and Adam P. - we will have to take some rides out in the countryside as soon as we can manage.

We were more adventurous on Sunday and took the bikes to Bateman's Bay and headed a little north from there (to Agony Mountain Road) and had a swim in the ocean in the Murrumarang National Park. We gained a heap of practice with cornering as we came back up the "Clyde" on the way back to Canberra. By now I was getting a bit of a tender bottom from being in the saddle for so long and we took stopovers in Braidwood, Bungendore and Queanbeyan before beating the sun home.


fin said...

Nice one Pinko!

angewalsh said...

Awesome bike! You'll have to take me for a ride sometime! You guys planning on coming to Sydney anytime soon? What do you have planned for new years?

Alcifer said...

Hi Fin and Angle! The best that I can do for rides at the moment (while I am on my provisional licence) is laps around the yard. Another trip up to Sydney sure would be fun, though Jenny and I will be making a trip to the Snowy Mountains with a bunch of trepid adventurers this weekend.

A few people have started mentioning New Year's Eve, but it still feels like a while away yet. Hence, I haven't a thing planned. Perhaps camping at the coast would be fun? What would you like to be doing this New Year's Eve, Angie and Fin?

angewalsh said...

Ant and I don't really have anything planned. However we have an engagement party on the night before in Sydney so we were thinking a house party up here somewhere would be great. Would be awesome with Singstar!!!

McMaster said...

Hey Pinko

Nice bike, sounds like its getting some good milage. When i get back home might have to look at getting bike & licence for some roas trips.
Its still snowing over here and is -21 at the top of the mountain today.
Hope all is well

Alcifer said...

Thanks for the compliment, Mixmaster. I have been over to your blog this morning to read the new post and I am so glad to see that you can post photos again!

Poor old Trav' - coming down after some dodgy seafood! Nice skis, btw. I have been romping around in some snow recently and I intend to post some photos up this afternoon that show it.

Was the trip to Alcatraz prison interesting? It took me a moment to realise that the photo was not of the bathroom at Roberts and Scotty's house in Kensington.. How busy is it in Whistler now? Do you have some more excursions planned?