Saturday, November 05, 2005

You know you're a chemist when....

10. You understand that teamwork in lab classes is essential because it allows you to blame somone else
9. You make dirty jokes involving "backside attack"
8. You only drink distilled water
7. Your daily wardrobe is planned around goggle styles
6. At the dinner table you ask your mother to pass the NaCl
5. You don't just wave goodbye... You waggle, bend out of plane, and asymmetrically stretch
4. You wash your hands before going to the bathroom
3. You refuse to attend a class in which the professor doesn't blow things up
2. Your friends don't look at you funny when you refer to a stop-cock
1. Explosions, fires, broken glassware, acid holes, and burns... Need we say more?

Lame jokes, hey - working on your thesis at 12.07 am seems relatively cool!

There's a special prize for the first person who can name that picture (correctly). Posted by Picasa

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