Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Good.. Bad.. I'm the guy with the beer.

Celebration last night was in order following the release of grades for ANU students earlier in the day. Louis, Jenny, Ash and I are shown toasting our good news at the Moose. As well, the newest Moncrieff resident joined in the frivolity that continued into the early hours of Tuesday morning. Special K, we'll see you out next time, no doubt! We were treated earlier in the evening at O'Malley's hotel to a performance by a band for any occasion, Annie and the Armadillos.


ash said...

Geeeez... i only vaguely remember that shot being taken and i didn't remember it being at moose. it's good though, in fact twas a good night all round in celebration of all things good, well at least i think it was. Prob won't see you all for a while so if i don't catch you before i go, take it easy and good luck with endevours you take on.

Alcifer said...

Hi Ash,

Yeah - we were at the Moose for quite some time on Monday night. Remember that we were all having a dance?

So you are heading back to Beechworth soon?



Alcifer said...

Hi All,

Do I look like Stephen Hawking in that photo, or what?