Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Chemists do it periodically on the table.

Busy, busy: typing up my thesis.

Shown left is my lab bench at the height of my experimental frenzy.

Now I'm in a typing frenzy.

Stay tuned for more exciting photos from around the lab that may include fume hoods, computers, crystals, and maybe an NMR machine!


angewalsh said...

interesting to see what you've been up to Pinko.
Have much of your thesis to go??
will send you an email now
ange :)

Alcifer said...

Hiya Ange!

I'm mostly just editing my thesis now, and completing the characterisation of the compounds that I have produced during the year. There's only five days to go now. After handing the reports, there are the lesser matters of presenting a seminar and undertaking an oral exam. I'll be totally finished for the year on the 18th of November and I will certainly make a visit to Sydney on a day very soon after then.

Thanks for your email too Ange. Could you suggest a good time to visit Sydney late in this month or in early December?

Enjoy the lovely weather!