Sunday, November 13, 2005

The honours seminars for chemistry were concluded with an ice fight (shown bottom) on Friday afternoon outside the department building. I staked out an honourable treaty considering that I was low on sleep (3 hrs) and sobriety at the time - thanks for your help, Ash. Chris (pictured bottom), Jen and I lazed away Saturday at the Bateman's Bay where the water was suprisingly warm and the sunshine intoxicating.

There's been a little break between posts, so let me tell you about a cool thing that happened on Thursday night while Ash and I were out and about in Civic. Here's a headline that you'd never read: "Out of the Blue, Girl buys Man Drink". Well, as a random act of kindness in Civic it happened - and Ash and I say "Cheers".

As well, Dunc, I wish you the best with your current tournament and we'll celebrate again soon. Dunc is shown top-left opening a can of Whoop-Ass. The Ostrich in the middle is Mal, who had his head shaved post-ice-fight as was the fashion at the time. The photo top-right is from the Thursday night O'Neil's ritual.


ash said...

I'm glad you made mention of that kind lass we met the other night, i wasn't sure if she did really exist or was just a figment of my imagination. It's still hard to believe now. I really wish i had have got a better look at her so in which case i may have had a better chance of recognising her and returning the favour in the future. She definately deserves public praise and i'm sure will go down in urban legend and though few may believe us, and understandablly so, we can say that we were there and wittness to something i don't believe we will see again in our lifetimes.

On a seperate topic i would just like to clarify that i am not playing with myself in the oneils photo on this post, but am in fact guarding my innocence from Special K's curious hands...

Special K said...

Although it seems like a miracle there are plenty of girls out there thats will buy a drink but congratulations guys on your accomplishment.
Innocence? Curiosity?
ummm well.....yeah.....

scottyh said...

Mate i reckon these photos o yours are pretty cool, and as a fan id also like to see you grow back your jesus beard. in return i will bring you some coal samples so u can study them being the mad underwater, ballroom dancin scientrist that you are. ok?

Alcifer said...

Heya Scotty!

I'm glad that you like the page. Please bring me some genuine coal!! I will convert the 'Rolla to use coal if you can set me up with a steady supply.

Seeing as it's Christmas time, I am considering growing the beard back. It's hard to go through the mangy few weeks when it's getting started..

G'day to your mate, Eliza too! It's great to find a woman who enjoys a few cans eh!?

As for NYE, I'm up for a party at either Sydney or Canberra - and it's awesome that you're putting your place out there too - as long as we get lots of people together at the same venue.

Cheers Scotty!!