Saturday, January 09, 2010

The Snowy Mountains Highway

After viewing the Jillabenan Cave at Yarrangobilly, Rimsy, Jen and I climbed along the Snowy Mountains Highway to about 1500m.

From Snowy Ride

Though the snow ploughs were stored away for the summer, the yellow road markings are a reminder of the snow that blankets this region for much of the year. Even then, Rimsy may have been okay on his big BMW with heated grips a plug-in electric jacket.

From Snowy Ride

Jenny and I eased out of the saddle for a stretch next to this treeless plain.

From Snowy Ride

Dotted about the high mountians are emergency huts in which to shelter in the case of a blizzard. This notorious hut was re-built after being destroyed by a forest fire.

From Snowy Ride

Dead forests like that behind Rimsy and I have a ghostly, still feeling about them. Of course, new growth is already becoming well-established.

From Snowy Ride

Our last stop before schnitzels in Cooma was at the Big Trout at (new) Adaminaby.

From Snowy Ride

After Cooma, we endured the Monaro Highway and arrived safe and weary in the Can.


Scarykrill said...

looked like an exciting journey - did you make it to the coast yesterday?

Alcifer said...

Nah, didn't want to risk riding in a late storm. We did make the beach eventually, though. (See the next post).