Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Jounama Creek and the thermal pool at Yarrangobilly

Jenny, Rimsy and I barbecued steak, sausages and some bacon at Jounama Creek campground. We took stops at pubs at Wee Jasper and Tumut. Though this pleasant campsite is only 200 kilometres from Canberra, we were out on the motorbikes for about three-and-a-half hours on Friday afternoon. Enjoyable twisty roads through farmland en route to Wee Jasper gave me a chance to grind off some of the unnecessary bits of my foot pegs. Beautiful winding logging roads greeted us after a gruelling slog up-hill along the rutted track out of Wee Jasper towards Tumut.

From Snowy Ride

By leaving behind a few adult diapers, Rimsy had ample space to bring a tent along. Jen and I opted for the simple joy of sleeping under a hootchie. We were (mostly) shielded from the thorough early morning storm.

From Snowy Ride

The Jounama creek is crystal clear and pleasantly refreshing after an afternoon in the saddle. Thankfully, Jen had rested a couple of long-necks of my winter ale in the creek and this aided in the requisite relaxation and rejuvenation.

From Snowy Ride

Having risen early, we rode about half-an-hour south along the Snowy Mountains Highway to the Yarrangobilly Caves. Kindly, the parks officer waived the park use fee for us because we were travelling on motorcycles. We booked tickets for a tour through the oldest cave, the Jillabenan Cave. We had just enough time spare to visit the nearby thermal pool.

From Snowy Ride

The water temperature is stable all year at twenty-seven degrees Celsius. This water is so clear that you ought to be able to make out the stony bottom of the pool from the following image.

From Snowy Ride

In my next post, I'll describe our tour of the ancient Jillabenan cave.


Ash said...

With the subject matter of that photo I wish the water wasn't so clear... Sounds like a good trip. Would have loved to have come but only just got back from my 2000km round trip over the break. Have to have some beers and swap stories one day soon. Maybe even a game of squash in there too...

Alcifer said...

So hot... Too hot for squash?

The beers are in order though!

The trip was on your moto', I trust?

It was so great getting out on the highway with the moto'; I am getting over far enough in the corners now to grind the pegs a bit!

Ash said...

Yeah my trip was on the moto. Spent a bit of time through the snowy mountains on the way to Beechy. Really nice riding, and scenery! I'll email you a link showing the ride.

With the height of my bike you'd have to be a LONG way over to be grinding the pegs, and I dare say you would run into trouble before you got that far...

Never too hot for squash! Though also never too hot for beers...

Alcifer said...

Have you been keeping up the squash practice?

I was thinking of organising a neo-pentathlon some time. It will include a range of challenging activities that work the mind and body, especially in the hot weather. How about:

(i) Squash
(ii) Chess
(iii) Sauna endurance
(iv) Schooner race
(v) Table tennis

Perhaps even in that order.