Friday, January 22, 2010

Postman Pinko

To provide a fresh trickle of income while I conclude my thesis, I have recently occupied myself as a part-time motorcycle postman with Australia Post. The pay is ordinary but mostly people like the postie. I get paid to ride over an ever-changing obstacle course and wave to my fans.

From Xmas 2009

Jenny visited me at on my run over the northern reaches of Belconnen in the ACT. It's been sweltering out there; I consume litres of water "on the beat". Surely, this is better than riding during a Canberra winter, though.

From Xmas 2009

Here I am in action.

From Xmas 2009

One cannot avoid becoming a connoisseur of mailboxes when you spend hours dealing with them. It's great to deliver to those thoughtful souls that provide a roomy mailbox with a big slot and put it adjacent to that of their neighbour's box on the sidewalk. (In this way I can stop just once and don't have to deviate from my path). There are some shocking boxes out there though. Sometimes the box in just lying on the ground. One "mailbox" is just a hole in the wall with a piece of rubbish to weigh the mail down. Many mailboxes aren't even wide enough to accept a standard letter without it having to be folded. (Imagine trying to jam a Foxtel guide through there). Oh, and if you park your car in the way (or leave your bins there), you should be flogged. Ramming speed!


Ange Spruce said...

That is so cool that you've become a postie!

Alcifer said...

Yep; Living the dream.

Anonymous said...

Awesome Pinks!!!!!!!!!!!! - Joey A

Christopher said...

Go pinko! The PHD postman. How have you been longtime since i have talked to you. I am going to be in melbourne and was thinking a side trip up to the berra might be a good idea! mid march around 17th ish... I have been try to find a recent email address for you and failed. drop me an email