Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Burning rubber, petrol and timber

A poor driver bent our clothesline. Brute human strength straightened the pole a little. We were finally granted an excuse to tie a motorbike to something and rev. This short movie evinces our attempt.

Glynn and I gathered firewood from around the neighborhood and carried it back to construct our bonfire on Scrivener Street.

Steve's fire-skills were in short supply so the handy can came out.

Jenny dragged K.P. around by a stick.

And then Steve spanked him while the fire grew.

In the end, our wild instincts reigned and Glynn was snapped here impersonating a possum.

Mexico on Moncrieff

Phil and I were so glad to bask under the restored gas lamp.

Mixy poses with Claire, Trace' and Lauren. Mix posted a few photos on his blog too.

Jen styles and item from her own line of Mexican attire and Amy swims in that sombrero.

Another great Monc' party brought to you by the police. Oh, actually, they were against the party. Oh well, tough for them!

Trace was really roaring around on the toy-wheelchair that Scotty found underneath some guy at the shops. And THEN, I fixed the brakes because they were locked on and we really picked up some speed!

St. Patrick's Day at P.J. O'Reilly's

Jen and I thought that pints would make a good dinner. (If you eat the occasional boiled egg, you can live on Guinness, right?)

Katy, Mike and the Humphrey stalwarts joined us for a beer in the afternoon sun.

Louis, recently returned from globe trotting, was painted by Hannah.

We moved inside with Nat and Ash, then the festivities were in full swing.

Happy St. Pat's Day, everyone. Did you know, my little bro (not pictured) has his birthday on St. Patrick's Day (every year, can you believe it!) So - he always has a big day even when his birthday is on a Monday, like this year.

My Birthday, Last Saturday

The Owls played our first trial game for the season. I was positioned as a break-away.

The girls' (very sweetly) bestowed the day with a pink theme and presented me with a pink-iced cup-cake after the game. Jess kindly mentioned me on her blog.

Conveniently, my birthday aligned itself with the Skyfire event on Lake Burley Griffin. Jen and I rode down to the lake with a bottle of wine and I felt that the whole event was just for me.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Dad's vineyard is also a pumpkin patch. Here's Pumpkin with a hefty product.

The grapes have been harvested and my parents had a good crop of Chardonnay this year.

This is the Lachlan river at a spot called "Second Sands". The sands have shifted and the river is not quite the same as when I was a boy. However, a splash in the river was some welcome respite from the heat-wave (late summer?) that has arrived.

Jan and Les adopted two ducklings and they have grown large now. I learnt that male ducks have sex feathers. Can you pick the male?

Jen and I slung a leg each over the GS500 and rode to Bathurst. We stayed with the Peel Street lads on Sunday evening and then rode to Bateman's Bay via Oberon on Monday. It was pretty late by the time we arrived back in Canberra! (And my butt was rather saddle sore!)

Jimmy hosts us

We started off with dinner at Jimmy's in Dickson on Friday evening. For this video, I mounted the camera on the lazy susan.

Then, of course, we headed back to the Fox for Singstar. I sometimes pour drinks in to those red cups to feel like I am in an American teen movie.

It was good fun and great encouragement to mop the kitchen and laundry!

Monday, March 03, 2008

Wee Jasper

With the bright, cool Autumn weather upon us, Jen and I took a ride out to Wee Jasper.

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One may just make out Lake Burrinjuck in the distance. (It is very small these days, though).

We stopped at this crossing over the Murrumbidgee river. (It is also pretty small - a bridge this size seems excessive).